introduction to "the sport of kings"

The Southampton Hunt and Polo Club offers a three phase introduction to 'the sport of kings" that is designed to take a beginner and teach them the rudiments of the game so that he or she understands the game, its rules and can participate in match play competively and safely.

The three phases are:

  1. A 10-Hour Introductory Program taught by world class professionals, designed to teach the basics of polo riding, hitting, rules, strategy and safety;
  2. Low-Goal Polo consisting of drills, strategy and coached chukkers with players of comparable experience supervised by pros;
  3. Regular Polo, participation in club play.

The following is a breakdown of a normal 10-Hour Introductory Program. However, the Pro will adapt it to suit the ability and experience of the individual student.

  • Polo Riding: Learning to ride polo style. Initial instruction will take place in the arena and then move to the open fields. 2.5 Hours
  • Hitting: Learning to hit the polo ball and the various strokes i.e. nearside, offside,back forehand, neck shots, tail and open shots. Instruction is given in a hitting cage on the wooden horse and later on the field while mounted. 2.0 Hours
  • Rules & Safety: Both classroom & field instruction on the rules of the game & how to play safely. 1.5 Hours
  • Strategy: Again both classroom and field instruction in how the game is actually played including the player's individual and team responsibilities. 1.0 Hours
  • Stick & Ball: Putting it all together, riding and hitting the ball. 3.0 Hours
  • Chukkers: Graduation; actually playing a game with players of comparable experience.

Riding sessions will usually be one-on-one but never more than 3 students per instructor. Classroom sessions may be in groups. The ten hours can be scheduled at the convenience of the student and pro. SHPC will provide the instructor, polo pony, tack, groom, mallets and facilities. The student need only bring boots, helmet & gloves.

Cost : $2,000. Payable 50% at signup & 50% after the 5th hour. Following completion of the introductory phase the novice can move into the Low-Goal Program. At this point it will be necessary to rent or lease at least one ,but preferably two horses, to participate fully in the program. Your Pro can provide details and costs involved.

Club Contact:

  • Ted Oslager, General Manager 516 729-6154
  • Frank MacNamara, President. 516 848-1650

Download SHPC Polo School Guide (PDF)

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